Auditions for Sister Act will be on Tuesday 16th May at Ekenhead Memorial Halls, North Circular Road from 7.30p.m. You will be allocated an audition slot by email once you have registered.

The show will run in the Theatre at the Mill, Newtownabbey from Feb 27-Mar 3 2018.

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The following principal parts are available:

Deloris Van Cartier – Mid-20s to mid-30s, must be able to move well.

Description – A feisty, strong-willed, larger than life character. Curtis’ bit on the side. Brought up a Catholic and taught by nuns, she has rebelled against her upbringing. She has dreams of becoming the next big singing sensation, which Curtis keeps promising to make happen for her, but never will. She eventually finds what she has been seeking where she least expects it.

Dialogue – pages 3-7, 15-18, 20-24

Music – Take me to heaven bars 19-26

Mother Superior – Late 40s+

Description – Haughty, well spoken, stickler for rules and routine with a tough exterior, but she is not so confident when alone with God. We see a softer side to her by the end of the show. She really doesn’t want Deloris in her convent. 

Dialogue – pages 19-24 & 72-74

Music – Here within these walls bars 3-40; I haven’t got a prayer bars 65-107

Sister Mary Robert – Late teens to early 20s

Description – A small, postulant nun. Very timid and quiet, until she eventually finds her ‘voice’. She hasn’t chosen to be a nun; she is only there because she knows nothing else. 

Dialogue – page 38 – 39 & 97-100

Music – The life I never led bars 186-end;  Raise your voice bars 161-165

Sister Mary Patrick – Mid 20s to 30s

Description – A large, bubbly, excitable, over the top, larger than life character. Very innocent and not at all worldly-wise; everyone’s friend.

Dialogue – page 46-49

Music – Take me to Heaven bars 128-135

Sister Mary Lazarus – Mid 50s+

Description – Choir mistress who gets moved aside. Bit of a grump! Nothing fazes her, she takes everything in her stride, even rapping! 

Dialogue – page 56-58

Music – Sunday morning Fever bars 119-131

Monsignor O’Hara – Late 40s

Description – A friendly, good-natured gentleman. Always bright and positive, even though his parish is almost non-existent and faces closure. He loves the change that Deloris brings to his church.

Dialogue – page 19-20

Music – Sunday Morning fever bars 188-end

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Curtis – Mid-30s to 50s, dependent on casting of Deloris.

Description – Confident, chilled out, gangster. He is always in control of the people around him, his actions and any situation he finds himself in. He is untouchable, or so he thinks. 

Dialogue – pages 3-6 & 11-12

Music – When I find my baby bars 48-end

Eddie – Same age as Deloris; must be able to move well.

Description – Police Officer. Totally uncool! Bit of a nerd, but there is a cool guy hidden inside him, waiting to get out! He is often downtrodden but takes everything in his stride and is a good cop.

Dialogue – pages 15-18

Music – I could be that guy …. bars 1-55

TJ – 20s+

Description – Youngest of Curtis’ henchman and his nephew, which is the only reason he has the job! He is naïve, daft and childlike and easily manipulated. Finds humour in everything he can.

Dialogue – 11, 84- 86, 108

Music – Lady in the long black dress bars 33-49

Joey – 30s+

Description – Curtis’ head henchman. Does what he is told without question. Thinks he is a cool ladies’ man, but he really isn’t!! 

Dialogue – 11, 84-86, 108

Music – Lady in the long black dress bars 9-25

Pablo – 30s+

Description – Curtis’ Hispanic henchman. He is quiet, moody and the toughest of the gangsters. Most of his dialogue is in Spanish. He is a slick smooth dude, but slow!

Dialogue – 11, 108

Music – Lady in the long black dress bars 60-end

Michelle & Tina – 20s-30s, good movers.

Description – Nightclub backing singers. Good time girls, been around the block a few times!!

Dialogue – pages 6-7

Music – Take me to heaven  bars 27-67, 80-84

Ernie – 30s+

Description – Curtis’ oldest henchman. He gets killed in Act 1, Scene 2, for grassing on Curtis to the police. 

Dialogue – pages 11-12

Music – I could be that guy bars 1-55

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