Fiddler on the Roof, May 1985

Creative Team
Arthur Webb – Director
William Cairns – Musical Director
Louise Webb – Choreographer

Tevye – Joseph O’Connor
Golde – Winifred Briggs
Tzeitel – Judith Watson
Hodel – Joanne Laverty
Chava – Joanne Thompson
Sprintze – Kate Lowry
Bielke – Lisa Kennedy
Yente, the matchmaker – Agnes McComb
Motel, the tailor – Peter Kennedy
Perchik, the student – Ronan Corrigan
Lazar Wolf, the butcher – Ivan McKenna
Mordcha, the innkeeper – Frederick Green
Rabbi – Oliver Johnston
Mendel – Michael Blair
Avram, the bookseller – Sean Donnelly
Nachum, the beggar – Joseph Downey
Grandma Tzeitel – Dorothy Bamford
Fruma-Sarah – Margaret Smyth
Constable – William Curran
Fyedka – David Curran
Shandel – Veronica Monan
Sasha – Peter Donnelly
The Fiddler – Andrew Harding

Fiddler on the Roof 1985, cast photo

The Villagers
Brian Anderson, Wilma Bickerstaff, Ann Burns, Paul Campbell, Sheila Cooper, Mary Crummey, Margaret Donnelly, Elizabeth Harding, Ethna Harding, Kevin Hart, James Hession, Janet Hill, Florence Hunter, Jennifer Kells, Eileen Kennedy, Sheila Kerr, Angela Lowry, Marion Lynn, Hugh Magee, Bernarda McElhone, Laurentia McKeown, Una McLarnon, Thomas McTeague, Nuala Mooney, Therese Scallon, Therese Timoney, Marie White

Russian Dancers
Jonathan Gregg, Andrew Harding, Andrew Morgan, Stephen McKenna

Keyboards – W Cairns
Strings – C Brown, J Edgar, J Fitzpatrick, P Fitzpatrick, P McCarthy, B McGrory
Woodwind / Brass – F Martin, A Hunter, L McAuley, P McCrisken, R Sloan
Percussion – J May
Guitar – N Cairns

Fiddler on the Roof 1985 programmer cover

Review from the Bangor Festival of Light Opera

Fortwilliam Musical Society’s sound could bring a prize for their entry of Bock’s Fiddler on the Roof, produced by Arthur Webb.

If, as some would claim, Fiddler is a one-man vehicle then Joe O’Connor’s big-voiced Tevye has the power to carry it. But there is more to the show than that with some fine back-up from Winnie Brigg’s Golde, Peter Kennedy as Motel and daughters Judith Watson and Joanne Thompson.

The group, importantly have strength in the minor parts that could auger well. Unfortunately, when I finally caught up with the show last weekend, one or two voices were not quite correct and that could count against them.

The other point is that at Bangor I have always rated their chances yet the group seem to freeze on the night. Maybe this year will be different.

John Grayden, Belfast Telegraph

Production Team
Stage manager – Larry White
Set construction – Larry White, William Terrins, Russell Caughey
Stage team – John Donnelly, Paul Mullally, Terence Shiels, Laurence White
Lighting – Barton Hunter, Malachi Lowry
Props – Veronica Monan, Anne White
Make-up – Kathleen O’Neill, Anne Johnston and team
Wardrobe mistress – Marie White assisted by Marie Gribben, Millie Hession, Kathleen McTeague
House managers – Vincent Hunter, Dermot Corrigan
Programme stewards – Ruth Couser, Deirdre McAuley
Programme / Publicity – Winifred Briggs, David Curran, Joseph Downey, Ivan McKenna

Fiddler on the Roof 1985, cast photo

Chairman – Margaret Smyth
Vice-chairman – Winifred Briggs
Hon. Treasurer – Eileen Kennedy
Hon. Secretary – Agnes McComb
David Curran, William Curran, Ivan McKenna, Una McLarnon, Marie White

Chorus Mistress
Mary Mallon

Therese Timoney

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